Wee Shu Min - why the story?

Wee Shu Min - why the story?
by JA

How so many people can write on a small history on Wee Shu Min? Why Singapore jumps for the stage of the virtual reality show? Why so many people speak to herself on a history counted in the blog Singapore Airlines (SIA) Cabin Crew Stories by Ozmark or Boh Tong to point of making the most popular reference of moment into the Tecchnorati top?

Simply because it the question is a little history of injustice and the plays of power of pressures and plays of influence to talk down someone on which it happened in a flight and the drinks served on side. The main question, besides the search for history itself in the blog in question (something the blogg community like), is the fact of the community blog somewhat of the lack likes freedom of expression in his world of free thought, revealing for the comments posted in the blogg itself.

To apologise without knowing why or without reasons for that, to be pressed to take away the blog of the air or simply in order that the favor to see the life upset with the countless comments or against is something that the community blogg adores to shoot for the air and to shout: this is ours and nobody takes us from here now! The same powers that try to tyrannize the life in the Internet or deny factual events of pilgrims' deaths Tibet for the Chinese troops, are of the same sort of which they take attitudes of tyranny and pressure on the most weak.

It is therefore that we like shouting quite loudly: I will sing until the voice donates me, will shout to the sky and to the sea, will take away the rage of the waves and the uproar of the storms to silence the tyrants and to sink the tyrannies of the losers!

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