Wee Shu Min - anonymous comment - responsible attitude?

Wee Shu Min - anonymous comment - responsible attitude?
by JA

Someone who does not want to give the face, devotes himself to question what we write on Wee Shu Min and the freedom of expression on my blogg, giving the right of challenge and which I reserve in the right of answer, text what I start to transcribe:
"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wee Shu Min - Clone?": Please be clear about this: Nobody forced her to close her blog.If she is a responsible person, she will handle the situation in a more mature manner. Closing the blog abruptly doesn't seem to me to be an intelligent way of solving the problem. If you think blogging is all about freedom, then you should accept the fact that those who read her essay also have the freedom to response to what she has written.Didn't you blog in order to communicate with others? Or, is it just the opposite, that is to hide in a little corner hoping that nobody will discover you?Our ministers had said: "You can air any view you want, but you have to be responsible for you had said."
Politically correct, do not they find? But what is behind of this reality, then? A dream? A mad idea? A madness? An ivention or a visibility only? Who devotes himself to answer in this way to what escremos, also it will mean implicitly what we should have stopped commenting what we want or on what we disagree?
Am not I the only one to write on the matter, between thousands of bloggers (see the most popular in Technorati site) what are dedicated to board this theme, of which I feel praised because of having attracted the attention of one someone who is preoccupied in questioning in the political form a fact that crosses the frontiers of a country to two speeds, the speed of the rich men and that of the poor persons, the speed of the priveligiados and that of the unfortunate ones, of that which they practise his power and her of that which it has not least conditions of life?
My happiness is not would live in a country that is dedicated questioning in the "official" form, though anonymous, which went on and since it went on; I live in a country with freedom of expression, after 30 years in what made knocking down a dictatorship of 50 years. Certainly, the one who wrote this comment, also would give official explanations " politically correct" and " a responsible answer" like the Chinese government sys on the murder of the pilgrims of the Tibet, if he said that nothing went on like the video it shows it, perhaps under the snow fogg...
One thinks case that that will make change the distance of the history, she even has that she puts in charge of showing that the tyrants finish in the unpleasant form his distance.
Fortunately which today is more difficult hide certain reality that up to here were hidden and what there is a channel of free expression like the blogger community.
The truth always has two faces, like the coin always has 2 faces. What differs in the different perspectives of each one, is the experience of life and what is suffered when we survive a situation under the threat and the pressure of the violence, be what it will go to shape of this.
I respect your point of view, but permit to, I agree about your content “you have to be responsible for you had said”, all the bloggers are responsible for the contents that they put in his bloggs; but, I desagree about all kind of things happened undercover of ”destiny”, “accidental happen”, political pressures, pressures to withdraw the freedom of expression, “accidental event” or “anonymous comment” (it is a responsible attitude?).

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