viral Super Bowl

viral Super Bowl

What it makes with that one of the greaters shows of the United States as the Super Bowl to be supported in the new technologies and to launch hand of viral initiatives in the YouTube?

The innovative initiative associates the Super Bowl and the YouTube under viral proposal: it passes for using to advantage widely available resources of video, to set one puzzle and to captivate the people of the Internet channel to stimulate new forms of "attraction" among the navigators to reorganize the parts for the preference of each one.
The awarding results of the matching of the form that each one gives to the order established for the Organization.

The intention to extend the effect advertising executives of the Super Bowl and its communication politics results in the magnifying of results of this campaign, transformed into its effect capsizes, where the people finish for reviewing the commercial ones of the Super Bowl and to create the apetência for organizing them of the form that more they like.

People are involved, people talks about.

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