Welcome to joke country

"Simply the best!"

Yes, we are the best, the best people, the best country, the best creative minds, the best all in one(before HP and so one) in the discovery age, the supreme, the supra intelect, the supreme crisis management people (we are from the XVI-XVII century...), the best inventive in practical situations (recognized over all the world!).

Sorry, if we've disappointed you, but usually outside Portugal, not inside the country, we are the best!

Here, we are the little country, the joke country, we are misled by our north american partners (UK lawers of Human Rights Watch says that we participate by accepting the landing and take off flight to Guantanamo base in Lages military airport, but no one responsible know!), but we smile, friendly and happy.

You claim about your politicians? Don't come here hopping to be helped, before something happen's, you die smiling or yellow paint over your faces apper, suffering under the burocratie and lies without any political consequence.

Believe or not, the portuguese politicians lie with all the teeth of the mouth (smiling, ever smiling, is very important!), tehe people die on the road, in the E.R., in the hospital, in front door home, but incredible, the people is happy, friendly and helpfuly giving credit again.

After the last elections, PS become first and majority party, but today no one has vote in PS (they appear after the miracle of holy spirit work...). After Salazar and 50 years of ditatorial regime, after 30 years of democracy implementation, the state increase their direct participation, this action in the portuguese economy is higher than 50% just to 80%; the last scandal in Millennium BCP bank is lightning of this power regime and they wash the hands, but beating again with one more statal bank: you believe it's possible one Administration changing from the state bank CGD to a private bank Millennium BCP without portuguese government action? They do and they sell that to the portuguese people, but they are special. And the finance minister says on the Parlement, questioned about political influences, "they aren't slaves and Portugal isn't a slavery state work, is a free country" (I would like to be slave as Administrator or Chairman in CGD bank, really :):):)).

Surprise, after all, we are "simply, the best!", brand it!

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