Maddie - the perfet storm

The tempest one shows its contours and some questions appear in this stormy context:

- How many English couples go of vacation and leave the children during the afternoon to drink one how many bottles of wine with friends, 14 to the certainty, while the twin's and Maddie are alone?

- How many English couples alert of the disappearance of a son and convoke press conferences in the hour, when the friends if they go to lie down and the population is in alert to the search of Maddie?

- How many English couples have the support of commission agents of the government, travelled of London directly to support the McCann couple?

- How many English couples receive the support from its government directly with costs still not determined in the support of the McCann couple?

- How many English couples to who are abducted the children are supported by the English government when return to its country as the McCann?

How many English couples have the ready reply for all and any circumstance of questions of the police forum that if raise as have the McCann couple?

How many English couples obtain to contract managers or consultants of communication as the McCann couple made?

How many English couples enjoy of calm on the part of the English social security when have evident recklessness of the McCann in relation to its children in vacation?

How many mothers of kidnapped children if keep fearless and calm as the McCann mother, knowing more of the one than discloses?

How many absurd critical English couples attack the local policy with when the last tests had been disclosed in its proper country with proven criminal test?

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