Dakar new ride

Dakar new ride

The reality of the city and of the urbane life contrasts with the desert, the solitude and the lonely adventure, of the challenges with own you. So the Dakar is one more year again, this time crossing the desert with more a few threads of dust of the new races, since there are no 2 equal races, even for the most experienced pilots for the Dakar new ride.

It is always one of the most emblematic flags of the Dakar and a component of the proof that produces bigger appetite, highlighted by the simple fact of the contestants they gone sózinhos through the thousands of km of the proof and at the risk of being only one to decide, to decide to drive for his senses, instincts or knowledges in the Dakar new ride.

The riders of 2 wheels gather for that very reason the glances of the followers of the kind, with particular distinction for his machines, which news got on the sands of the desert in the Dakar new ride.

video: Dakar new ride

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